Wandering Worlds (16)

I LOVE to read. Fantasy, romance, sci-fi, historical fiction…you name it. There is nothing better than escaping to the Shire, spending an afternoon in the Hogwarts library, taking a tour of Pemberley, or uncovering a mystery aboard the Orient Express.

About Me

Reader, writer, and mother

Hello there! More about me? Well… I’m married to an amazing man with two adorable sons and we have 2 fur babies that complete our little family of 6.  During the day- I’m a project manager.  At night – a crime-fighting vigilante…wait…maybe I’m just trying to start a blog? My vices are caffeine, wine, listening to music every second of the day, and spending WAY too much on books. 

I am a self-proclaimed nerd. I love video games, anime, DnD, and participating in HEALTHY discussions in different fandoms! Before anyone asks – I’m a Ravenclaw / Slytherin, Legolas was/is my childhood obsession, House Targaryen, member of the Rebel Alliance, and my favorite Avenger is Captain America.

I love to explore the great adventure that life is! 

Come on in and take a look…