Book Review Policy

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Hello! I [Kathy, Wandering Worlds] am currently accepting advanced reading copies (ARCs) and review copies of books.

Book review requests can be sent via email to –


Book Formats Wondering Worlds Accepts

Print copies, Mobi, E-book, or PDF files.

Books Wandering Worlds May Review

Book Review Format

I usually format reviews in the following way:

  • Book Cover, Title, Author, Publisher, Genre
  • Buy Links
  • Synopsis
  • Non-Spoiler Review (unless otherwise warned)
  • Information About The Author
  • Pins: Please note that unless otherwise directed, I will make a pinnable image for Pinterest with your book cover.

Where Wandering Worlds Shares Book Reviews

I love sharing books with readers all over the world. Below are a few of the methods I use to get the word out about a worthy title.

Limitations To Reviewing

I love reading and reviewing. Unfortunately, I cannot accept every request to review.

I will consider all email queries but also cannot promise to accept each one for review. Whether each request to review is accepted or not, I will respond to you to let you know. 

If I agree to review your title, know that I may review within a week or even months of receiving the book. 

Book Review Policy Disclaimer

My reviews are entirely my own. By contacting me with a request to review, you acknowledge and respect that I am obligated to write my honest opinion.

All assessments are my own and are not meant to be biased or cause harm in any way.

Upon receiving and reading a title, if a book is offensive to me, poorly edited, or unethical, I reserve the right to decline a review. I will inform you if I declined the review.


Thank you for reading my Book Review Policy!

When writing a book request email, please be sure to include:

  • Titleauthorpublisherpublication date, and summary of the book
  • I would love an official book cover image from you and/or permission from you/your publisher to use the cover responsibly across social media (Pinterest pins).
  • Lastly, if you have a date that you would like your book reviewed by, let me know. However, please be aware that I cannot guarantee a time when I will post a review.


Book Review Policy Updated January 2020